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About Me


I am a storyteller of food and experiences.  

Growing up in Hawaii I always looked forward to learning and understanding more about my Japanese/Okinawan culture and heritage.  Whether it was eating traditional foods on New Year's Day, attending Buddhist services, or just spending time with my second generation grandparents, I always found value in these experiences.  

In 2013, my YouTube channel was born on a whim because I began to document my grandparents cooking and their lifestyle choices.  I found their life fascinating and wanted to keep those memories forever.  At that time they were 89 years old.  Eight years later, this channel has grown into sharing more of our family, our experiences and our recipes.  Grandpa sadly passed on in 2015.  Grandma is going strong at 98 years old and enjoys helping in the kitchen when she can.

Reid and I got married in 2018 and he has joined me on this journey of sharing our life and experiences with all of you.  During the day, I am a high school theater teacher and director.  My overall passion for telling stories is shared through all aspects of my life.  

Our hope is to inspire you to celebrate your heritage, pass on tradition, and keep family at its core value.  

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