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Unique and Savory Okinawan Soba

Okinawan soba is one of the most unique and tasty noodle soups that I've ever tried. Today, Reid and I make a savory homemade pork broth, shoyu pork, and shoyu egg to pair with the chewy and thick soba noodles.

While we started to boil the pork bones for the broth, a familiar smell came to me that reminded me of my grandmother. Even though Okinawan soba isn't one of the dishes that she frequently made, the unique smell of boiled pork bones is something that I will never forget.

Okinawan Soba dates back to the mid 1500's when the Chinese dignitaries presented it at the 49-day memorial service for the king of Ryukyu Islands, Sho Shin. However, since this is a common but unproven story, there is evidence that that flour was introduced to Okinawa by chefs from present-day Fujian Province, China, while accompanying a Chinese ambassador in 1534. In 1974, after Okinawa was reverted back to the Japanese Administration after being under the US control, the Japanese Fairtrade Commission officially recognized Okinawa soba as distinct from soba on mainland Japan.(

Okinawan soba noodles are made out of 100% wheat flour unlike Japanese soba noodles which are made out of buckwheat.

Click here to make Okinawan Soba with our family!

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Start by making the pork broth!

Boil pork belly and pork bones for 1 hour.

Drain and wash off brown scum.

Reboil the pork belly until soft and take out.

Reboil the pork bones for 4-6 more hours. The longer, the better.

After you take the pork belly out, cut into thick slices.

After boiling the bones for 4-6 hours, strain the liquid.

Add in bonito flakes and bring to a boil. Strain the liquid and add in ginger, salt, shoyu, mirin, and sake.

Adjust the broth to your liking.

Shoyu Pork

On low heat, add in shoyu, sugar, mirin, and sake. Add in pieces of pork belly and cook on medium. Flip and cook on both sides.

In a bowl, add 1 part shoyu and 1 part mirin. Soak boiled eggs in the sauce for 2-4 hours.

Boil Okinawan soba noodles and prepare toppings (fishcake and green onion)

And serve!

Please enjoy this recipe!

Okinawan Soba Recipe: (Serves 4)

2 pkg Okinawan Soba (Sun Noodle Brand)

1 block Kamaboko (Fish cake)

1 stalk green onion

Pork Broth

2 lb pork bones

1 lb pork belly

4-5 pieces of ginger (1/2 inch)

3/4 C. Bonito flakes (

2 tsp salt

1 tsp sake

Shoyu Pork

1/4 C. shoyu (

2 T. sugar

2 T. sake

Shoyu Egg

1 part mirin

1 part shoyu

Okinawan Soba Toppings:

Green onion


Shoyu Pork

Shoyu Egg

Pickled Ginger (

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